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After extensive research, our team of chemists has developed a line of essential skincare treatments, which prevent the cutaneous aging process and the appearance of wrinkles. Specifically formulated to match the particulars needs of mature, dry and devitalized skin. This innovative and unique complex blends a new plant hormone extracted from Clover Flower, called Phyto Estrogen, a substitute for the female hormone Estrogen, with highly performing active ingredients of botanic and biotechnological origin.
The tensing agent forms a smooth film, which is elastic, resistant, cohesive and continuous. It has an immediate mechanical lifting action on the skin surface.
The moisturizing and cellular regenerating functions are responsible for the restructuring, bio stimulating and anti wrinkle qualities of this unique composition. Estrogen, the female steroid hormone, is responsible for numerous physiological phenomena during puberty and adulthood. After the onset of menopause, levels of estrogen decrease. Harmful effects of this decrease are also felt on the epidermis such as cutaneous dryness and reduced skin elasticity, which consequently accentuate the cutaneous aging process.

Thanks to this unique plant hormone complex, the skin receives precise moisture monitoring and treatment to prevent its loss. Your skin regains a youthful, toned and supple appearance with a luminous complexion.

The wrinkle-preventing Plant Collagen Complex contains an active ingredient called Micro-CollagenTM, which is a synthetic, miniature fragment of the skin’s elastic protein collagen. The Micro-CollagenTM initiates the stimulation of collagen synthesis. It is therefore an excellent support in wrinkle treatment. Pseudo-collagen is an active ingredient of bio-technological origin with cosmetic qualities analogous to collagen. It has been demonstrated to have excellent moisture binding capacities and it imparts a smooth feel to the skin.


• The Wrinkle-Preventing Agent, an active ingredient called Micro-CollagenTM, which is a synthetic, miniature fragment of the skin’s elastising protein, collagen. Stimulates collagen synthesis and favours wrinkle treatment.

• Cell metabolism activator stimulates cell respiration and growth. Stimulates, repairs and fights against cutaneous ageing.

• PhotoProtect, an extract of Dolichos biflorus cultured Stem Cells from a high technology, protects against harmful sun radiation and delays premature skin ageing due to noxious sun rays.

• The RNA and DNA complex, a yeast derived source of RNA and DNA for cosmetics. Contains nucleotides and nucleosides to provide skin moisturising and tonifying effects.

• Panthenol or Provitamin B5 has anti-inflammatory, protecting and moisturising actions.

• Edelweiss Extract, plants grown in central Switzerland, is wellknown for antioxidant, DNA protective and anti-inflammatory properties.

• The Botanical Mature Skin Treatment is an isoflavone-rich red clover extract designed to fight signs of ageing. Favours stimulation of cell metabolism and of protein synthesis. Helps regeneration of the extracellular matrix. Smoothes and improves the overall microrelief and offers a long-lasting moisturising effect. Isoflavones are non-steroidal hormones.

• Evening primrose oil has nourishing, regenerative and moisturising properties. It is also cited to tone and fortify the skin.

• Horse Chestnut Extract is conferred soothing virtues and has anti-blotch properties.

• Cucumber Extract has refreshing, purifying and moisturising activities. It also favours the lightening of the complexion.






Hydro Biodynamic Anti-Age Care With Plant Hormone

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