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The White Basic Care is a line of essential skincare treatments based on formulations based on highly performing active ingredients of botanical and biotechnological origin. The main actives are Edelweiss Extract and Glycoproteins.

This innovative complex has been developed to inhibit the formation and the proliferation of free radicals, which are important factors in the premature skin ageing process, in the formation of deep wrinkles and in the loss of elasticity of cutaneous tissues.
Essential treatments that bring precious substances to your skin, thus giving and maintaining a softer smoother, visibly lighter and healthier look.

• Mulberry Root Extract has been, recognized as a skin lightening agent thanks to the presence of Phenylflavonoid which inhibits the activation of tyrosinase. Also renowned for its anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects.

• Immuno-Stimulating biotechnologically produced oligopeptides, activate the processes of cellular respiration, and cell renewal.

• The Elastase Inhibitor prevents irritation and inflammation of the skin. Keeps the skin elastic, smooth and soft, and helps to improve the general appearance.

• Saccharide Isomerate, a soothing agent, provides effective hydration.

• Biosaccharide gum-1, a moisturising agent, is for long-term hydration.

• Edelweiss Extract obtained from plants Switzerland has antioxidant and DNA protective properties, and resists to strong UV rays.

White Basic Care

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