When Tin Trung followed his passion and moved to Switzerland 40 years ago to start his career in one of the world’s leading skincare laboratories, he was chosen because of his innovative approach : combining Swiss biotechnology with practices originating from his Asian heritage. Using time tested ingredients and packaging that follow the principles of feng shui and Chinese medicine led to high performance formulations without animal ingredients. He developed numerous formulations for the world’s best skin care brands. Tin began to research and develop a line of anti-aging actives, which previously only derived from animals. In 1999 when fate took its lead and the chemists and a healing doctor’s Dr. Max Reymond life paths crossed, Hevicosm laboratories was established and Amadoris was born.


All our proprietary complexes are developed and produced in Switzerland. You will get to know Phyto Placenta, Phyto Estro, Phyto Caviar, Phyto Collagen and Phyto Peptide complexes when you try Amadoris skincare. All products are free from animal ingredients, animal testing, parabens. artificial aromatics and coloring, minimizing the allergic effect on skins to less than 1%. Natural ingredients, high performance, innovation, and scientific research are the most active ingredients of Amadoris and have been always the driving forces behind the brand.


We believe that you are naturally beautiful and so are our products. The philosophy that we cannot create natural beauty by harming nature consistently lives throughout our past, present and future. Your skin will transform into a youthful, pure, supple, even and glowy complexion, which will simplify your daily routine by removing products such as make ups and other temporary solutions and replacing it with precious substances that give you the confidence and freedom that you deserve day after day.

Our Proprietary Formulas