Amadoris comes from the Latin word "Amador"
which means "A person who loves".


Beauty is the energy you radiate when you feel happy. Regardless if you are a student, working mom, housewife, entrepreneur or in the making, we know how vital it is for your overall health to take couple of minutes a day to restore your inner and outer beauty, so you can live a happy, healthy and successful life. We gift you helpful quotes, tools and practices related to selfcare. Our brand is inspired by you and your maximum potential. All the women represented on our website are not models but real women we know and admire for their energy, beauty and passion that drives their careers. Follow our Instagram account below to find out more.


Her Future Coalition is a female led charity creating positive change by providing education and a home to the most vulnerable girls and survivors of gender violence in India, Nepal, Cambodia and Thailand. Entrepreneurial skills are being thought at an early age to help girls rejoin society and generate an income for example by selling handmade jewelry. Let’s break the cycle of exploitation and poverty and create a brighter future together. Since 2020 Amadoris has given back 1095 school days to girls .